Sunday, June 20, 2010

So I Married a Tri-athlete

I really think that my husband is so cool.  He does things that I could never do and really probably would never want to do.  Sometimes.

He has challenged me to do things that I would have NEVER dreamed of doing like skiing, backpacking, cloth diapering, eating both raw and cooked fish, natural childbirth, loving Jesus, not being ruled by what others think of me, exploring my talents, not being afraid to try something new, eating eggplant, and traveling to India, to name a few.

Be even after Sweet Pea is born, I think I will be content to be his personal photographer for his newest passion.   


Swimming in the open water for 500 meters?  I am more buoyant than him . . . but the cap would mess up my hair. 

Triathalon 033 

He had never done it before.  But he set about to accomplish the task. 

Biking 10 miles.  OK.  I could do that.  I’ve done that.  Until I fell in a race, broke my ribs, and suffered a concussion. 

Triathalon 072

(This happened to be his best event, in case you wanted to know.) 

And then add some running. 

Triathalon 090

(I think he looks like Bono, except better looking.) 

That’s my husband.  I am married to him.  Ahhhhhh!!!!  Sometimes I just want to pinch myself.  And then when I capture moments like this . . .

Triathalon 105

And I reflect on them as today is Father’s Day . . .

I think . . . and I say right now . . . Hottie, I love you and I think you are a pretty amazing husband, father, and best friend.  Thanks for being an inspiration and a role model to your sons.  I pray that you have a great Father’s Day and see how dearly you are loved and appreciated by your family.  

Thanks to everyone for reading my slightly mushy post. 

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