Monday, October 4, 2010

A Hint to Work on your Wish List

I have a confession to make.  I ALWAYS have a wish list.    And that is a big hint for you to start your wish list. You are going to need it next month.  You just might want to order some bar stools over at CSN, one of my favorite places to make a wish list, with a gift certificate that you could win here at Granola Mom 4 God in November.  Not that I would be hosting a giveaway or anything.  (Shh!)

I know that Paul tells us to be content in all circumstances.  I, for the most part, usually am content.  Though, I still ponder moving back to Colorado or becoming a missionary with the Hottie through EMI. . .

The Hottie knows where to find my wish list on the computer.  He even has it saved on his Droid, or he used to at least.

My mom knows she can count on a long list from me for my birthday.  And my MIL asks me for the whole family’s wish list, skipping the part of even asking the future birthday man’s desires (this Friday in case you all want to send him a present).   You better bet that each family member has a folder devoted to their wants and desire that I have accumulated and typed into the computer after they mentioned an item in passing. 

I kind of need to have a wish list.  It is almost imperative.  I mean, what would I do when CSN writes me an email telling me I HAVE to review a product and I HAVE to pick WHATEVER I want? It’s rough being a blogger.

It would be so rude to turn them down. 

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