Friday, October 15, 2010

Preschool Corner

Ever wonder what homeschool children do when their pregnant mom falls asleep for recess?

pumpkins 014

Why, they build a race track (with books)!

We have had a lot of recesses this week.  The weather has just been too nice not to. 

pumpkins 013

We painted pumpkins, thanks to Carisa’s pumpkin post earlier this week.

pumpkins 008

Caps for Sale, a FIAR book, has been read many times at our house followed by an activity to further reinforce the book.   I must admit that most of my ideas came from Michelle, over at Delightful Learning

review toys 022 

The peddler wore 17 hats (total) on his head.

Caps for sale 007

So, we wanted to see how hard it would be to hold all of those hats on your head!  Sure is a lot to cut out!

Caps for sale 001

After painting the tree we filled it with thumbprint monkeys.

Caps for sale 010

Nana helped Sir Honey do coin rubbings.  We counted out $.50 in many different ways.

Caps for sale 004

And we finished with impromptu monkey tails!

This was also Letter C week. 

Caps for sale 012  

Caps for sale 014

Mommy’s Favorite:

Caps for sale 011 

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