Friday, October 29, 2010

1st Grade

It’s time that Mr. Smackdown got some press.  The guy works hard at school, yet because I don’t have a meme to hold me accountable to post his school work weekly. . . I typically don’t catalogue his progress except in his binder – which is in our schoolroom.

Enough is enough. 

Mr. Smackdown shall have a 1st Grade blog post . . . weekly?  or bi-weekly?  and maybe I will start including a MckLinky with it.  Surely there are other bloggers with 1st graders.  Right?

Now if only I was creative enough to design a little logo and button.  Maybe I’ll fiddle with that another day. 

Anyhoodle, at a future date I will share with you what curriculum Mr. Smackdown uses on a regular basis because school is a little unusual for us this week. . . like ummm . . . we held school on my bed because I needed to rest.  Not many people have a teacher who reclines while teaching how to do subtraction.  And school was often dressed in pajamas.  Workboxes were done out of order, depending if I was nursing or not . . . or had my eyes closed for a brief interval. 

After this elaborate introduction, I sure hope I have enough pictures to provide some limelight to my eldest.

365.11 010

The Stinker was trying to hide from me while I was taking pictures . . . so I tricked him and captured this fun shot.  Stringing beads teaches patience.  The reality is that at some point all of the beads will fall off of the string.  Subsequently, you have to show some self control and calmly pick them up off of the floor, only to start all over.  (Not that this scenario happened 3 times or anything.)

365.11 001

Just because the Totally Tots website is named in honor of the toddlers in our lives, doesn’t mean there isn’t useful information for your first grader.  I used their Terrific Tot Sites to find safe websites for Mr. Smackdown to play and learn on.  As you can see, Smiley enjoyed this computer practice, too.

 365.9 049


1st grade

Smackdown has really enjoyed playing and building with our new Guidecraft Animal Train Sort and Match

He has spent a lot of time perfecting his biking skills.

Leaves and Sweet PEa 045

He has been reading up a storm and sounding out all kinds of words that he sees.  I can’t wait for the day I see him reading the Bible for himself . . . to draw closer to God.

Leaves and Sweet PEa 120

Speaking of reading, we are wrapping up the last of our Saxon Phonics K (yes, I know this is a 1st Grade post).  But I just HAVE to finish the entire book.  The Saxon Phonics 1 is in a box in the schoolroom, having arrived shortly before Sweet Pea.   This week we learned about the “sneaky e.”

Other learning: 

  • Saxon Math 1
  • finishing Little House on the Prairie
  • drawing
  • learning to take care of a baby
  • getting breakfast independently
  • sweeping the floors
  • folding napkins and towels
  • filling the role of physical therapist to Mussoorie
  • watercolors (not a big fan of this)
  • AWANA copywork

What did you do this week in First Grade?  No guidelines yet . . . sure would be great if some of you lovely people linked up.  Remember, I’m at home a lot these days.  Reach out . . . blog about my weekly 1st Grade Wrap-Up!

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