Friday, October 29, 2010

Preschool Corner

I don’t have many pictures to show regarding our school week . . . but we did resume school. 

School  simply works for us.  The boys and I function best on a good diet of maneuverable structure.

Sir Honey finished the last of the Letter C curriculum.  I also threw in some supplemental fun activities, like these mosaic magnetic tiles


365.9 056

We have also read books, reviewed AWANA verses, and accomplished copy work, which surprisingly Sir Honey loves to do writing pages that he can trace. 

Sir Honey has played tons with the Guidecraft Animal Train Sort and Match that we are currently reviewing. 

review toys 021

We, sadly, finished Little House on the Prairie, and are waiting for the next book to arrive from Paperback Swap

Sir Honey is adjusting very well to being a big brother to his little sister.  He helps fetch the Boppy pillow, a pacifier, or anything else related to his sister.  He also has been taking care of Mussie’s every need, and setting the table for dinner.

The below picture pretty much sums up Sir Honey.  This is why I love this kid!

Leaves and Sweet PEa 039

Next week:  Letter F

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preschool corner
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